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DUI Fines & Penalties in SC

by | Feb 23, 2015 | DUI

Jail time and fines are just two of the many consequences of being convicted for a DUI in SC. And unfortunately, DUI laws in SC can be very confusing for the average person.

Here’s an overview DUI fines and Penalties in SC that will hopefully help you find what you’re looking for.

Jail Time

The amount of jail time depends on

  • whether this is your first, second, or third DUI conviction within a 10 year period
  • whether you caused serious injury or death to another person during your DUI
  • your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) on the breathalyzer
  • whether you refused the breathalyzer test.

DUI Fines

The fine for DUI depends on

  • whether this is your first, second or third DUI conviction within a 10 year period
  • whether you caused death or serious injury to another person during your DUI
  • See link: SC DUI fines

DUI: Felony or Misdemeanor

Whether you become a convicted felon is also a very important consequence of DUI and is discussed in this article.

Other Consequences

Finally, there are some other consequences that continue to affect you long after your court date. These are the consequences that law enforcement or prosecutors are not required to tell you about and probably won’t tell you about. Some examples include:

  • Having to pay more for car insurance
  • Having to get a special kind of expensive car insurance called SR-22
  • Having to complete the ADSAP class (also costly)
  • If you become a convicted felon, losing your right to vote, losing your job, losing your college scholarship or student loans, etc.
  • Having your license suspended after the court date
  • Having a mandatory device installed on any vehicle you drive that requires you to blow into the machine, get a BAC reading before you can start the vehicle.
  • Court costs and fees in addition to the fines for DUI that can more than double the total cost of a DUI discussed in this article (provide link to article that has not yet been published)

** Important ** It’s the states responsibility to prove you guilty of a DUI. While you may believe that it’s nearly impossible to “beat” the charge, law enforcement makes mistakes. An attorney experienced in SC DUI laws might be able to uncover opportunities to improve your chances of a good outcome.

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