When You Become a Client You Will Have Access To Our Client Portal Which Streamlines Communication

We believe in an all-in-one, user-friendly approach. There’s no need to go back and forth with antiquated forms of communication like fax and snail mail when everything you need can be accessed in our single Attorney-Client platform. Our Attorney-Client portal seamless integrations with popular applications, so communication stays synchronized and efficient. This portal is automatically available to you as a valued Client at no additional cost, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.



The integrated calendar lists all upcoming case events, what to expect at each event, and the address where the event is.  You can seamlessly enter the address into your GPS for clear instructions to the courthouse or other locations.  There is also a checklist of who should plan to attend and reminders of upcoming events.

Document Sharing and Management

All important documents are stored in one secure platform and accessible online from anywhere at any time. Save time by seeing what is instantly uploaded and shared by the Attorney and staff as your case progresses.  You can simply upload documents to your the client portal and select who you would like the documents shared with. 

Audio/Video Sharing

Many criminal cases involve 911 recordings, police dash camera recordings, and police body camera recordings.  Enjoy the convenience of all of this being stored in one secure place for you to view. 

Invoicing & Payments

View and download your payment history, receipts, and invoices and receive reminders about upcoming payments using our Bank-Grade Security. Confidentially store payment data and enjoy the ease of automatic draft secure payments via credit or debit card.

Secure Communication

Sensitive and privileged information has an extra layer of protection with our secure email and texting feature. You can easily send secure messages to your attorney or their staff from within the client portal and all messages will be organized and filed for you.

Digital Signatures

Sign important documents from any device and any location, at any time.