How To Get Someone Out of Jail in SC

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For the purposes of this article, we are focusing on someone being in jail for reasons other than as a result of a conviction. In other words, someone has just been arrested and you want them out of jail. Or, someone was picked up on an arrest warrant and is awaiting their trial. Maybe the person was arrested by police after an investigation was conducted and an arrest warrant was issued. Either way, the person is now in jail as a result of a criminal charge but before any trial.

Confidential Informants, a.k.a. “Police Snitches,” Revealed

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Confidential informants are one of those things that seem to lurk around in the underground of criminal activity. The idea of the police working with someone who is facing criminal charges is a very sketchy concept to some, but a reality in the criminal justice system. When police are working with people who they are locking up or threatening to lock up, you may start to wonder if the police are looking out for “the Government’s” confidential informants, or is their first priority obtaining convictions …


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