Robert Durst Trial Day 31, “The Jinx” trial jury sees All Good Things movie as evidence

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The Jinx/ Robert Durst trial continues on as Court TV anchor Michael Ayala and guest legal commentator Susan Williams discuss July 20, 2021’s day in court. Robert Durst is standing up in court, trying to direct his attorneys and his attorneys are in the hot seat trying to control Bob Durst.

USC student gets into mistaken UBER, murdered

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USC student who was a senior at USC called an Uber to pick her up from a college bar near the campus. Instead of the Uber she called, a stranger picked her up that did not work for Uber. Samantha Josephson was stabbed over 30 times beyond recognition and her body was dumped on nearby Clarendon County in a rural area, just miles away from the Defendant’s family’s house. Was the Defendant framed or does the state have enough overwhelming evidence to convict the defendant, who has no prior criminal convictions of significance.

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