Criminal Defense
You've been charged with a crime and you want to know what will happen to you next. Maybe you've been wrongfully charged. Maybe you’re worried about the long-term effects of a conviction. Will this go on your criminal record? Will there be jail time? You have many questions and no idea where to start. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney quickly to assess your situation is crucial! Rely on my experience to ease your mind.


Alcohol Offenses

 A DUI or a BUI can be embarrassing to both you and your family. It can mean court fines, your job, your driver's license being suspended, your livelihood, jail time, and changes to your car insurance premiums. Many factors can affect your case’s outcome, including the reason for the traffic stop, your age, physical health, medical history, the Field Sobriety Tests, and the proper functioning of the breathalyzer machine. And while there are no guarantees, it may be possible to get your case dismissed or reduced so that you can resume a normal life.


Personal Injury

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and hopeless? On top of everything else on your plate, you’re dealing with physical and/or emotional injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. There are many types of accidents - car and truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, faulty products, nursing home abuse, pharmaceutical malpractice, moped accidents, tractor trailer accidents, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents are just a few of them. You don’t have to remain the victim!


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